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Murray's Farm

Murray’s Farm at Toronto Area Farmers’ Markets

2023 Season

Please stop by and visit Murray’s Farm at the following farmers’ markets during the 2023 season.

Farmers’ Markets - Cabbagetown Farmers' Market


Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

The market strives to strengthen and revive the relationship between the Cabbagetown community and local, sustainable food initiatives.

Farmers’ Markets - Evergreen Brick Works


Evergreen Brick Works

Toronto’s largest farmers’ market, offering the widest variety of local and seasonal food in the city.

Withrow Market


Withrow Park Farmers’ Market

A community-based initiative that connects individuals directly to farmers selling locally-produced food while raising awareness of the social and environmental links.

Farmers’ Markets - Underpass Park Farmers' Market


Underpass Park Farmers’ Market

Underpass Park Farmers Market was established in 2017 as a volunteer-run, community market in Underpass Park, Corktown, Toronto.

Farmers’ Markets - Brampton Farmers' Market


Brampton Farmers’ Market

Great fun on a Saturday morning. You will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for sale from local fields. Lots of excellent food stalls.

Lakeview Market


Lakeview Farmers’ Market

The market is now indoors and outdoors at the Small Arms Inspection Building, with live music, a cafe, a weekly Artisan Market, and more!

Murray’s Farm at your local GTA Farmers’ Market

Products / Crops

All Season: pastured heritage pork and turkey products (sausages, ribs, bacon, pork chops, etc), beef products (sausages, burgers), chicken products (heritage eggs, sausages) preserves (traditional pickles, relishes, pickled eggs, sauces, etc)

Spring (June): peas, green onions, rhubarb

Summer (July & August): beans, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers

Autumn (September & October): squash, apples, pears

Crops sourced from other farms: Asparagus, sweet corn, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

Growing methods: pastured, non‑certified organic

Market Pre-orders

Pick it up at one of our farmers’ markets.

  • Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market
  • Evergreen Brick Works
  • Withrow Park Farmers’ Market
  • Underpass Park Farmers’ Market
  • Brampton Farmers’ Market
  • Lakeview Farmers’ Market


In-person payment option(s): debit, credit, e-transfer, cash


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